How Many Calories Are Burned From Sex?

Is there a scientific study revealing how many calories are burned from sex? And if there is, is it the same for every both males and females? Questions like these are often thought of when having sex multiple times a week and when the sex is very rigorous. To determine how many calories are burned from sex, a person must take a variety of factors into consideration.

Be positional- The position you are using can make all the difference in how many calories are burned from sex.  Missionary style of sex burns the least amount of calories while the vigorous position of canine style burns the most. So consider a more adventurous position to burn more calories when making love.

Size matters- The old adage that size doesn't matter is not true when determining how many calories are burned from sex. The small circumference of a man's penis means he'll be working harder to please his partner, which in return means he'll be burning more calories when making love. 

Extend the foreplay– More foreplay prior to actually making love has its advantages aside from pleasure. Nibbling, sucking and foreplay burns more calories. Even the simple use of a vibrator can help keep the calorie count up.

Cowgirl rides again–  Women looking to burn more calories while love making should consider being on top. While she is on top riding her partner, she is burning more calories than any other position.

Make the bed count–  Making love in a regular bed is fine, but expanding the location has benefits. Believe it or not, a hammock is a great place to make love. This specific bed allows for the highest amount of calories burned from sex. Following at a close second is a hospital bed. A regular bed, be it queen, king or full, will burn the lowest amount of calories during sex.

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