How Many Calories Are Burned While Hiking A Mile?

Need to know how many calories are burned while hiking a mile? The amount of calories burned while hiking a mile can be affected by many variables. Weight, exertion, speed, terrain, equipment and even outside temperature can all play a part in the number of calories burned while hiking a mile.

  1. Terrain, pace and weight can torch calories. Rough terrain, steep inclines, a faster pace and the weight of your pack, if you choose to take one, will all increase the calories burned while hiking.
  2. Temperature. The body burns more calories when hiking in colder temperatures. If you are hiking through snow, you will burn considerably more calories per mile due to the extra effort exerted to move through the snow and the body's efforts to stay warm.
  3. Add trekking poles.  While hiking, you can also increase the amount of calories burned per mile by using a set of walking (also called trekking) poles. The added movement of the arms burns more calories, and the poles provide extra stability while hiking.
  4. Take the easy way out and burn fewer calories. Hiking at a leisurely pace, over flat, even terrain with no pack will, of course, decrease the amount of calories burned per mile while hiking, as will hiking in milder climates where your body does not have to work as hard to control internal temperatures.
  5. The numbers. Generally, at an average pace—which is considered to be around four miles per hour—on fairly flat terrain, in comfortable temperatures and carrying no additional weight, a 150-pound man should be able to burn approximately 100 calories per mile while hiking. A 200-pound man hiking the same terrain at the same speed would burn approximately 135 calories per mile, and a 250-pound man would burn approximately 168 calories.



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