How Many Calories Do You Burn Kayaking?

It is fascinating to find out how many calories do you burn kayaking. Kayaking is similar to canoeing, except you are paddling in a one to two person boat that fits your lower body like a sleeve. It is a popular recreational activity enjoyed by many. It can be fun while being a good workout. It can be a relaxing or strenuous activity, it all depends on how fast you paddle.

There are several types of kayaks to choose from, some are more easy to maneuver than others,but they all work the same way when it comes to calories burned. Of course, the heavier the kayak is the harder it is going to be to paddle. Before attempting kayaking you first should learn a few basic rules and know about the safety hazards. This will be helpful if it is your first time kayaking.

Kayaking will give you the opportunity to explore marine environments, so it will be enjoyable as well as beneficial to your health. How many calories you burn kayaking depends on how long you kayak, how vigorously you paddle, and your weight. You can typically burn 100 calories per seventeen minutes of kayaking, for an average 150 pound man. So if you kayak for an hour it would be over 400 calories that you would have burned. If you weigh more you are going to burn more calories. Now that is a good workout. Remember also, the faster you paddle the more calories you burn kayaking.


Burning 100 Calories

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