How Many Carbs In A Glass Of Merlot

When you are watching your waistline, it is important to know how many carbs are in a glass of Merlot. In fact, if you are cutting back on calories, Merlot wine is a good choice. Low in calories and carbs, it is a perfect wine for dieters and health conscious wine enthusiasts.

The Merlot is a fine red wine made from Merlot grapes. These are dark, red grapes with smooth skins. The result is a smooth, red wine with lots of body, but not overpowering. These grapes grown in cooler regions. Originating in the Bordeaux region, Merlot grapes has now gained popularity in California, too. Merlot grapes make a wine that ages quickly and is ready for consumption in just four to six months. A low-acid wine, it is a lovely drink with steak, pasta or even chocolate. Many white wine drinkers will even have a glass of Merlot occasionally.

There are a plethora of health benefits to modest consumption of red wine.

  • You only needs a glass a day to consume the heart healthy antioxidants naturally present in Merlot.
  • In a four ounce glass, you are only taking in an average of 100 calories and four carbs.
  • According to Mayo Clinic, a four ounce glass daily is all you need to get the heart healthy benefits.
  • Consuming too much alcohol can increase your chances of cancer and other diseases. Moderation is key.

Whether you are drinking a toast to new love or old friends, Merlot is an exquisite choice. Fruity, light and smooth, it will gracefully compliment your most elegant meal and is a perfect drink to share with friends. And, for the carb conscious among us, you can rest at ease that one glass of this beauty will not ruin your figure.


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