How Many Orgasms Is Healthy?

How Many Orgasms Is Healthy? Frequent orgasms increase a hormone called oxytocin. When men or women release oxytocins there is a healthy psychological boundary that is sustained. Those boundaries promote healthy emotion, passion, and social skills. The skin itself is an organ, that when stimulated will raise oxytocin levels that will lead to endorphins being rushed to the body and a spike in testosterone. Having as many orgasm as possible, will greatly affect the brain interactions it has with sex hormones, such as corticosterone, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

The release of a orgasm have many chemical reactions. DHEA can be called the mother hormone, because it regulates the hormones you may be lacking. DHEA levels improve the brain's functions and a healthy cardiovascular system. Even women on there monthly mood swings will be regulated with a healthy orgasm.

Have a orgasm to reduces stress. The benefits of having an orgasm is a natural stress reliever. The worries of the day or strong emotional events that happen to your body, will begin to relax. When you achieve a healthy orgasm through sex or through masturbation, endorphins will release that resemble a sort of high feeling. It's encourage to have this feeling because it will cure headaches and menstrual cramps. 

Burn off calories with sex. Having cravings for junk food will be subdue. Your Seratonin levels will increase; this will restrict your cravings. Engaging in sexual activity will make your heart rate increase which will burn off calories. Having a orgasm with your partner is a healthy solution of promoting intimacy, a sense of closeness and a committed relationship will have better sex. How many times you want a orgasm depends on you, just know that it's healthy. Orgasms have been known to be beneficial for sexual health, so there is no adverse effect of having a orgasm, just practice safe sex. Having as many orgasms is healthy. 


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