How Many People Visit Lake Havasu During Spring Break?

Ever wonder how many people visit Lake Havasu during Spring Break? Annually, the area of Lake Havasu sees about two million visitors total. Lake Havasu, Arizona is one of the premier spring break destinations, especially for college-aged adults. At a minimum, Lake Havasu receives approximately 5,000 visitors for Spring Break; almost 10% of the town's total population. This area is basically a non-stop party and the area's tourism soars more than any other time of year.

Thousands of young adults flock here for Spring Break for a number of reasons. There are several things you can do for fun in Lake Havasu. Whether you're partying, going out to a local dance club, or just hanging out by the lake, there is good time to be had by all. People are constantly boating on the lake, so there are ample opportunities to ski, go tubing, or just relax on the boat. The Lake Havasu area is also well-known for its Red Rock Canyon, and there is the opportunity to go cliff-diving in certain parts of this canyon as well.

The large crowds of college students like to come to Lake Havasu as it's cheaper than other spring break destinations. There are several hotels in the area ranging from budget priced to luxury, in addition nice campground areas where you can rough it and pitch a tent. If you're renting an RV, the campgrounds of the Lake Havasu region can accommodate you too.

There are some necessary items to pack if you are considering a spring break trip to Lake Havasu. Make sure you bring plenty of bottled water and sunscreen. The Lake Havasu weather is hot and dry, reaching temperatures in the hundreds. With this in mind, it’s safe to say without sun protection and proper hydration; anyone could be prone to severe sunburn and possible heat exhaustion.

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