How Many Players Are Exempt In PGA Tournaments?

How many players are exempt in PGA tournaments? The number is obviously variable dependent on when you check the statistics. But for the most part, players become exempt by the virtue of appearing in the top 125 of the season’s money-winning list. However, there are other ways to become exempt.

  • There are at least 33 ways a golfercan become exempt on the PGA Tour.
  • The rules of exemptioncan be complex.
  • Earnings are key


  1. At least 33. The rules concerning how many players are exempt in PGA tournaments are constantly evolving. But the PGA isn’t shy about disclosing its rules and regulations via golf courses, sporting good stores and the internet. (And basically, at present, there are only 33 rules that allow players to become exempt.)
  2. Harder than extra-terrestrial algebra. Though the core rules concerning exemption within the PGAcurrently number only 33, there are codicils, addendums and exceptions to these that make the gaining of exemptionstatus an often complicated matter. (As a matter of fact, they require page upon page of explanations within the PGA Tour’sofficial web site.) So if you’re looking to discern exemptionstatus of golfers, you should prepare yourself for a good deal of reading. For example, just one of the rules that qualify exemption status is the PGA’s #1 on the list, that reads “Winner of PGA Championship or U.S. Open prior to 1970 or in the last ten calendar years: (Beginning in 1998, this is a five-year exemption.)
  3. Mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money. At the core of the rules concerning how many players are exempt in PGA tournaments is the almighty dollar, in that overall earnings on the tour is definitely at the heart of the organization’s exemption criteria. (More specifically, if you win the big bucks…you get the big pass.) So if you keep hearing names like Tiger Woods (and elder but just as legendary players such as Tom Watson), chances are that these are the ones who are currently exempt.

Further it should be understood that there is never a definitive number concerning how many players are exempt in PGA tournaments from season-to-season. As a matter of fact, the number listed sometimes changes from tournament to tournament. But presently, according to PGA rules, there is a guarantee of at least 125 golfers who achieve exemption status within a season.

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