How Many Players To A Table In WSOP?

How many players to a table in WSOP rules depends on player turnout and other factors. Players at a WSOP event with only a few participants will be arranged differently than poker players at a wildly popular event. Much like your odds of winning a hand, it all depends on the math. However there are some general guidelines and one hard seating rule.   

Event organizers try to seat nine players at each table when the event begins. This isn’t always possible. When the WSOP started in 1970 only a handful of guys played in the competition. It’s estimated only 30 players showed up at Binion’s Horseshoe in Las Vegas to play. Then it was easy to balance tables and make room for everyone. This is no longer the case.   

In 2004 Harrah’s Entertainment, the largest gambling organization in the world, took over the competition. The organization expanded the WSOP, offering circuit events at casinos across the country. Registration for the poker tournament boomed. 

Event planners at each property do their best to stick to the nine player guideline. However, if more players than expected show up for an event, you may see 10 players to a table. As players are knocked out you’ll also see varying table counts too. Having six players at one table and nine at another is a serious no-no, but one or two player differences are practically unavoidable.    

The final table is a different story. The Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas hosts the WSOP final tournament. Nine players sit at the final table for each event-end of story. One of these nine contestants will walk away with the grand prize and the coveted WSOP bracelet.

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