How Many Times Has Donald Trump Been Married?

How many times has Donald Trump been married? Donald Trump has been married three times. His current wife is Melania Knauss-Trump. Two of the three Donald Trump marriages have been to Slavic women.

Donald Trump Wife #1 Born in what is now known as the Czech Republic, Ivana Zelnickova was the first model to take “The Donald” for a husband. Luckily for the modeling world, and at least for a short time — Ivana herself, her first marriage led her to Montreal. It was there that she decided on a career in modeling, and ultimately, it was through this venue that she met Donald Trump. According to, the two were married in 1977, and Ivana and Donald had three children before the first of the Donald Trump marriages ended in divorce in 1999.  
Ivana leads a very successful life today, part of which includes her line of clothing, cosmetics, and accessories. So, men, while you or your lady may not be as rich as either Donald or Ivana, at least she can wear some of her designs. 

Donald Trump Wife #2 The second of the Donald Trump marriages took place between Marla Maples and Donald Trump on December 20, 1993. This time, The Donald chose himself a “Southern Belle” for a bride. Marla was a runner-up for “Miss Georgia” in 1983. And while she was and still is a beauty in her own right, it must be something in the genes, as she and Heather Locklear are cousins (from Heather’s mother’s side of the family). There was one child born to Marla and Donald Trump before this particular chapter in the Donald Trump marriages saga ended June 8, 1999.
Donald Trump Wife #3 The current Mrs. Donald Trump is Melania Knauss-Trump. Like Ivana, Melania is also a model, and also has a Slavic background. At 5’11”, she complements Donald’s reported 6’3 height. This is the third of the Donald Trump marriages, and like the two wives before her, Melania has given Donald Trump a child. Perhaps this will be the most successful, and possibly the last, of all the Donald Trump marriages.
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