How To Map A Golf Course On Google Earth

Are you interested in learning how to map a golf course on Google Earth? As you probably know, Google Earth is an impressive piece of computer software that shows the earth as a virtual globe. But, did you know that it can give you valuable insight into your golf course, too? The Eye Spy Golf website provides a thorough step-by-step guide to mapping your course. It requires a bit of technological skill to map all of the details, such as greens, tees, and yardage. But just adding pins to the course can be a great advantage for any golfer.

Here, in brief overview, are the steps to mapping a golf course on Google Earth.

  1. Locate your golf course. Locate your golf course using Eye Spy Golf. To access the website, type the phrase "eye spy golf" into the search bar of your favorite Internet browser. Click on the “aerial image” icon at the top of the site’s home page. Google Earth will zoom you onto your chosen course.
  2. Choose a course position. Zoom to a position that other golfers might want to see on your golf course. To add depth to your map, angle the course. Now you're ready to add pins and tees to the course.
  3. Add Hole 1. From the Google Earth menu bar, select “Folder” and name your golf course. Include a brief description in the dialogue box. Add another folder under this one, and name it “Hole 1.” Locate the first hole by moving over the course, and add a “Placemark.“ With the dialogue box open, mark the spot with a small tack icon. Feel free to change the tack icon to a flag or any other preset icon.
  4. Add Holes 2 through 18. Select your golf course name from the folder you created. Then follow the steps above to mark all eighteen holes.
  5. Add tees. Adding tees to your golf course is similar to adding holes. Be sure to select the hole where you want your pin to be. It's easy to start adding pins and holes, then discover they are in the wrong folder. But the fix is easy, too, with the application’s drop-and-drag function.
  6. Add boundaries and yard indicators. This feature is only available to Google Plus subscribers. An annual subscription costs about twenty dollars.
  7. View a snapshot. To make your course map look better, save a “snapshot view.” Other golfers can view your snapshot, too, at any angle you predetermine.
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