How To Map Your Bedroom With Feng Shui For Romance

Learn about how to map your bedroom with Feng Shui for romance to bring magic to the bedroom. Feng Shui is the Chinese art of placement to optimize life energy and bring balance to your surroundings. Feng Shui is pronounced "fung"- "shway". When you map your bedroom with Feng Shui for romance, you are literally placing appropriate items in the room, such as the bed, other furniture, and accessories, in such a way as to benefit the most from them. Another factor of Feng Shui is to leave certain items out of the bedroom and to use the five elements of Feng Shui which can be incorporated in the bedroom to maximize romance. The five Feng Shui elements are fire, earth, metal, water, and wood.

To map your bedroom with Feng Shui, you will need:

  • Representations of the Five Elements:  fire, wood, earth, metal, and water
  • Curved edges
  • The color red
  1. Place your bed correctly. The most important factor in using Feng Shui in the bedroom for romance is correct placement of your bed. Place it against a wall to anchor it. The best placement for the bed is on the wall across from the bedroom door but not lined up with the door. This allows the energy to flow around the room but not be in direct line with the bed.
  2. Use fire to encourage romance. On the wall with the bed, place candles to represent fire. Place the candle or candles on a tray on the nightstand for example. The fire element will enhance romance.
  3. Use the earth element. While looking at the bed from the foot of the bed, on the wall to the right, place an item to represent earth, such as an item from the earth like a jade sculpture. Another option is any item made from a natural material from the earth.
  4. Use a metal piece for the metal element. On the wall opposite the bed on the right use metal. This can be a decorative piece made from metal either on the wall or on a dresser. The metal can be silver, gold, brass, copper, or any other metal that suits your bedroom decor.
  5. Use the water element. On the wall opposite the bed on the left use the water element to map your bedroom with Feng Shui. This can be a trickling water fountain or even a sound machine turned to the waterfall or ocean sound.
  6. Use the wood element. On the wall to the left of the bed, while looking at the bed from the foot of the bed, place something to represent wood. This can be a green plant or an object colored blue or green, which represents wood in Feng Shui.
  7. Keep edges curved. For energy to flow, avoid sharp edges. Use furniture and objects that are rounded and allow energy to move freely. A basic principle of Feng Shui is that energy must be able to flow and move for optimal happiness and harmony.
  8. Use the color red. In the practice of Feng Shui, the color red promotes warmth and love in the bedroom. Consider using white sheets and red pillowcases for a touch of red elsewhere in the bedroom to promote romance.
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