How To Mark Playing Cards

Learn how to mark playing cards. Many people have always had the urge to mark playing cards up to some degree. Fortunately, it is easy to mark playing cards if you aren't  too obvious. All it takes is a little bit of time and sly skill.

Things you will need to mark playing cards:

  • A coder (Optional: a marker, razor, sticker, etc)
  • Deck of playing cards
  1. Take your deck of playing cards and begin organizing them. Seperate and organize your cards by value. For instance: make a stack of all Aces, a stack of all ones, etc. Doing this step will help you to identify and quickly locate them so you can mark playing cards. You will also find out if you have any missing cards this way as well.  
  2. Decide which cards you would like to mark. If your playing cards are organized correctly, then you could easily grab the cards from their stacks. Put all the chosen cards into their own stack together. You could also begin putting the non-chosen cards into a deck to clear space.
  3. Take the coder/marker and begin marking your chosen playing cards. Please note not to make your markings too large and obvious. You want to be small and less noticeable. You could try a different figure, color, or whatever you use to make the code easy and known to you. You could just chip an area of paint on the back of the card. Please note not to chip the playing card too thin or poke a hole in it if you decide to use a razor. Be cautious as well.
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