How to Mark a Soccer Field

One of the world's largest sporting events is about to occur in the summer of 2010, the World Cup. With this event on the horizon the interest in soccer, or football as it's known internationally, will increase drastically. Knowing how to properly mark a soccer field will be essential in teaching and enjoying the game of soccer. All measurements and goal marking are based off of FIFA, Federation International Football (Soccer) Association, the governing body for the game of soccer's hand book.

  1. The first essential marking of a soccer field is that the field must be rectangular in shape. There is a bit of a leeway when making the rectangle as far as length and width. The length should be a minimum 100 yards and a maximum length of  130 yards. The width is between 50 yards to 100 yards. When watching an international match up these markings will vary and have less room for variance as the length is between 110-120 yards and the height is 70-80 yards. No matter what the measurement is the length must be greater then the width to form a proper playing field. The length and the width are marked with lines that are no more then 5 inches in width and form the boundaries for the game of soccer.
  2. The second area of markings deals with splitting the field of play in half. A straight  line of no more then 5 inches in width is drawn across the field to separate the playing field in half. A circle is formed in the center of this line that is 10 yards in radius. On some fields there is a dot in the center of the line marking the middle of the field and where game play starts, this is not a necessity but can be helpful.
  3. The third area of markings is the area known as the goal area. The goal is placed at the center of each width line. The goal area is marked by lines that are 6 yards from the goal posts and extend into the field of play for 6 yards forming a rectangle at each end of the field.
  4. The last markings of a soccer field are the corner flag markings. A quarter circle must be placed on all four corners of the soccer field. These quarter circles or arcs have a radius of 1 yard and are marked within the field of playing. Again the lines that mark this arc are no more in width then 5 inches.


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