How To Market Retirement Living

Knowing how to market retirement living is matter of advertising your accommodations and met clientele needs. To advertise, network, and promote a specific variation in retirement living exposes the site to potential or prospective markets. Confidence, safety, security, socialization, and accessible or available care, make options in retirement living attractive to a maturing population, as well as for the family members of retirees. Optimal marketing for retirement living consists of adequate housing, a plan, select visibility, and the market—retirees.

  1. Assess the property for retirement living to market. Determine whether the housing is to accommodate independent, assisted, or direct care livability. Evaluate the facilities, features, conveniences, amenities, available home health care, and services that the complex or campus provides.
  2. Create, design and develop multimedia material to market the complex or campus for retirement living. Core marketing materials will include an exclusive catalog of the housing, a brochure, sales letter, Website, and variations of custom signage. Should a marketing budget allow further multimedia, consider video, virtual tours, print ad copy, and cable. Amid any mode of advertising, emphasize upon the particular complex or campus’s exceptional or unique provisions, as well as to highlight advantages for potential resident retirees. A multiple advertising angle is another concept to entertain within the marketing plan. Such an approach can work to exceptional benefits when the livability of a particular retirement housing complex or campus provides multiple options.  Ultimately, in this instance, the objective in any one or more marketing concepts is to present a suitable retirement living arrangement, promote its presence, and secure residents.
  3. Consider viable visibility for the marketing of retirement living. The strategic placement of any multimedia format defines viable visibility. Viability is found in the logistic promotion of specific retirement living accommodations, while visibility will be either a setting or stage from where to market. Satisfy considerations through a determination of appropriate market sites. For retirement living, Web presence, any medically-related establishment, health and social service offices, libraries, senior centers, recreational facilities, fitness centers, community or retail signage boards, local telephone directories, and direct mail, along with local cable, newspaper and radio advertising, serve as ideal mediums from where to market such livability.   
  4. Establish and network towards marketing a retirement living complex or campus. By way of business correspondence, write letters of request to those mediums that may grant the display market for such housing. The written request will be to obtain permission for placement of a complex or campus’s promotional material—brochures catalogs, and, possibly, signage. Where signage is a concern, community and retail signage boards may levy a fee or charge for space, along with sign size specifications. Advertising from any Media that consist of Web, newspaper, radio and cable are contractual, and will require payment arrangements, along with the applicable design, layout, photography, script, and text. For the mediums that allow placement of promotional material or signage on a pro bono basis, follow up with a thank you letter. Inquiries from any form of marketing must receive a sales letter and catalog.
  5. Provide tours of the retirement living complex or campus. Develop and orchestrate comprehensive tours for such housing.
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