How To Marry A Rich Woman

Learning how to marry a rich woman just makes good practical sense; do not let any one tell you anything different. Rich women are generally smart, attractive, assertive, and level headed. Of course, let’s be honest, they are also pretty hard to find. So, if you really want to learn how to marry a rich woman, you are going to have to put in a lot of time, energy, and, unfortunately, money.

  1. When you go searching for a rich woman, you will need to have a well groomed appearance.  Put some time and effort into your look. You will need to purchase yourself three or four designer outfits. Your hair will need to be styled and cut by an actual hair stylist, not just a barber. Get your eyebrows waxed and your nails manicured; basically you want to be perceived as well maintained. 
  2. Maintain you body. You cannot hope to marry a rich woman if you are skinny, flabby, pasty, little guy. Rich women have rich tastes. You are going to need to begin a strict workout routine. Change your diet and workout routine to get lean strong muscles. Go tanning, or get spray tanned.  Try to improve your physical appearance to the point where you can turn heads and make jaws drop. 
  3. The next step to marrying a rich woman is to go where they go. Rich women do not hang out at neighborhood bars and chain restaurants. You will need to start frequenting high end restaurants and exclusive clubs. Start patrolling upscale clothing stores, jewelry boutiques, and shopping centers. Go to charity events and golf outings. Basically follow the money.
  4. Consider changing professions. Rich women are suckers for attractive, well built men in the service industry. Rich women often wind up marrying their personal assistants, tennis instructors, life coaches, fitness instructors. Consider taking up this line of work. Sure, it may lead to an initial pay cut, but the benefits in the end could really be worth it. 
  5. Become well versed in the arts, literature, and history. If are unable to seduce a rich woman with you looks, you will need to seduce them with smarts. So, study history, art, and literature. If you are able to carry on extensive conversations in these fields, chances are you will be able to turn a few heads. 
  6. Increase your odds of success by going after older women. Older rich women are just as good as younger rich women. Actually, they are better because there is less competition.  If you are willing to go after women from any age group, your chance of marrying a rich women will increase dramatically. 
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