How To Massage An Asian Girl

Learning how to massage an Asian girl is not so difficult. Asian women, like all women, love to be languished over. A massage provides the perfect chance to show your Asian girlfriend just how much you love her. Following the tips below for how to learn how to massage an Asian girl will make your woman putty (literally) in your hands.

To learn how to massage an Asian girl, you will need:

  • massage oil
  • a quiet room where you won't be disturbed
  • a firm, but comfortable surface
  • soft music
  • candles
  1. If you want to learn how to massage an Asian girl, don't try to be too Oriental. Most Asian women are sensitive about their Asian background. The one sure way to ruin a massage is to concentrate on Oriental touches, such as music or decorations. It is best to make the massage devoid of Asian stereotypical trappings.
  2. Ask your Asian woman to strip, and lay face down on the surface. Make sure that she feels relaxed. Turn on the music, light the candles, and give her a few minutes to get into the massage mood.
  3. Start your massage for an Asian woman by applying the massage oil. Use enough to coat her back, and allow smooth movements. Begin your massage with broad strokes on her back.
  4. Continue your massage with a neck rub, then start to include her shoulders. Relax her neck by using your thumbs to rub from behind her ears, all the way down to the top of her shoulders. Repeat this a few times, then begin to knead her shoulders, and shoulder blades.
  5. Continue to learn how to massage an Asian woman by relaxing her spine. Rub your thumbs from the second spinal process, all the way down to her top of her buttocks. Repeat. Then find each point along her spine, and gentle move out from the spinal process towards her sides.
  6. Proceed to continue to knead her body, from each buttocks to her calf. Do one side, and then the other. Be sure to continue to apply massage oil.
  7. Finish learning how to massage an Asian girl by giving her a foot rub. Start at the toes, massage each one. The concentrate on the ball of her foot. By this time she should be very relaxed.
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