How To Massage In The Bathtub

Learn about how to massage in the bathtub to give her a luxurious and relaxing bath. It would be a real treat for you to run her a nice hot bubble bath with candles all around and a glass of wine sitting nearby, perhaps a few delectable strawberries  to nibble on. You need the right ambiance to make the setting just right. Of course, the one thing that would really get her excited and in the mood is a steamy hot massage.

  1. Have all your supplies tub side. When you surprise her with her bubble bath, have everything you need in place. You don’t want to keep opening and closing the door. She might get a bit cold and her concentration, which should be on relaxing, may be broken.
  2. Have on your bath robe. You don’t know if she would like you to join her yet or have the bath alone, so take off all your clothes and wrap up in a robe or towel. Just be prepared to dive in with her, at a moment’s notice.
  3. Give her a few minutes along in the bathtub. Allow her a little time along to get covered in soothing bubbles; sip a little wine, then you can give her the real surprise.
  4. This is a good time for silence. Let her have a calm and serene moment. Talking about her day or yours for that matter may dampen her mood; she might not enjoy the massage as much. The only thing you should talk about, if anything, is what you plan to do with her while she is in the bathtub.
  5. Start the massage. You can put a little bubble bath on your hands so they will glide across her body. Start massaging her neck very gently; you won’t be able to get to her back without asking her to sit-up and get out of her comfortable position, so just focus on massaging her neck, shoulders and arms.
  6. Massage the legs. You might be thinking what happens to the top half; you surely want to massage that part. Don’t worry, you will definitely get to massage that part of her. Work your way down her thighs, tease her a bit by sliding you hands between her legs and caress her inner thighs, move down her legs and massage her feet.
  7. Ease into the bath tub with her. You should be getting pretty hot as well. She will take notice when you drop you robe and slide in the bathtub behind her. Position her between your legs and let her feel how excited you are about giving her an invigorating massage.
  8. Massage her breast. You are now in the perfect position to give her breast a stimulating massage. Reach around her and cup both of her breasts in your hands as she relaxes on you. Stroke and massage her breast; don’t forget to caress the nipples.
  9. Dry her off and help her slip on her robe. You both she be feeling really hot and turned on. Help her out of the bathtub, she might be feeling a bit weak, dry her off and now you might be ready to adjoin to the bedroom for a full body massage.
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