How To Massage A Girl

Learning how to massage a girl is a great way to improve your relationship and get a little more physical. Girls like to get massages. Guys hate to give massages. These are two facts, which, if used wisely, could be turned into strengths. While, most guys hate to give massages, this does not mean that you have to be one of them. If you are able to master the simple art of giving a girl a massage, you will find that you stand out. In fact, if you play your card right, you will have girls begging you to put your hands all over them. 

To learn how massage a girl you will need:

  • Massage oils or lotion
  • Surface for a person to lay or sit on (table, bed, chairs)
  • Candles
  • Girl who is willing to be massaged
  1. Ask where they want to be touched. When you massage a girl, you cannot just start rubbing your hands all over them. You have to ask them what they want you to focus on; and unless it is their inner thigh, this is exactly where your hands should remain. 
  2. Be firm. This is no time to be gentle. If a girl wants a massage, she basically wants you to take charge. So, grasp her in a confident manner. Do not just light touch or rub the area. Apply some pressure. 
  3. Focus on the areas that are tense. Okay, there is a good chance that this massage is just an attempt at flirting, but this does not meant that it cannot be beneficial. You should really focus on areas like the neck, shoulder, and upper and lower back. If she is comfortable with it, the thigh and calf muscles are also areas that contain a lot of stress.
  4. Ask her to lie down. You can give her a simple shoulder massage, but if you really want to make her remember you, have her lie down. This way she can relax and you can focus on those tight spots. 
  5. Do not be afraid to straddle. When you massage a girl, you have to have confidence. This includes the confidence to straddle a girl’s back to reach those hard to get to places. Just make sure that you are not too excited when you do this.
  6. Use the right motions. Different parts of the body require different methods.  Some need to be squeezed and some need circular motions and rubbing. Feel free to experiment, and find out what works best. 
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