How To Masturbate Better

When seeking pleasure alone, you will want to know how to masturbate better. There are many different ways that you can learn to masturbate better so that you can hit your ultimate goal, orgasm. The following tips can help you masturbate better and reach a pleasure high.

  1. Try different positions. When trying to masturbate better, you should try different positions and strokes. If you normally masturbate laying down, try sitting up or standing while masturbating. If may feel better to change up the position you masturbate in. Also, try stroking differently. If you normally use your full hand, try using only a few fingers. This can help you find more pleasurable ways to masturbate.
  2. Try using the other hand. If you always use your right hand to masturbate, try using the left. This way will feel extremely new and pleasurable. Also, if you do not like using that hand to stroke with, give it another job. Try using it to rub on your body in different exotic places.
  3. Give yourself plenty of time. When masturbating, you should give yourself plenty of time. Go into the room you plan to enjoy yourself in and lock the door. Turn off the lights and truly enjoy yourself. You do not want to feel rushed while masturbating.
  4. Replay fantasies in your mind. If you are not interested in porn while masturbating, try using your imagination. Try thinking of fantasies that you have. Thinking of these things will help you reach your ultimate goal of orgasm better.
  5. Try different locations. When trying to masturbate better, try switching up your location. If you normally masturbate in the bedroom, try out the bathroom or the living room if you live alone. This could excite you more leading to a better outcome.

When trying to masturbate better, there are many things to always remember. If you find something that feels really pleasurable, take advantage of that. Try out new things and you may be surprised at what actually does feel good. Masturbating better will lead you to have a fun and pleasurable time.

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