How To Masturbate In A Car

If you want to give yourself a sexual boost outside your home, then you should know how to masturbate in a car. Masturbating in your car not only can give you a different sexual experience, but it can also be an ultimate excitement. The following four steps will show you how to masturbate in a car.

To masturbate in a car, you will need:

  • Your car
  • A private place
  • Things that will turn you on
  • Sanitizer
  • Clean underwear
  • Towels
  1. Decide the items that will turn you on. The first step is to bring along the items that can get you going sexually. They can be anything, such as: your favorite music, explicit magazines and pictures or sex toys. You wouldn't need anything if you have plenty of dirty thoughts on you mind. This step varies depending on the individual's needs.
  2. Prepare for the cleanup. The second step is to have the cleaning items available for the "after masturbation" mess. Regardless of how neat you are, you probably can't avoid the mess. Don't forget to put these items in your car: sanitizer, clean underwear and towels.
  3. Pick a private place. The third step is to find a place where you can get privacy while being in your car. Since masturbation is a private act, you should keep it to yourself. Keep in mind that masturbating in the public is absolutely illegal. If you don't feel like driving any where, you can just do it in your garage. Or if you don't have a garage, consider doing it in a rural area.
  4. Enjoy yourself sexually. The last step is to masturbate in your car. Take out the items mentioned in Step 1 if you have any. Have the items from Step 2 available as well. Make sure all your windows and doors are locked. Although you are in a private place, you might want to keep your noise down.

Following these four steps, masturbating in your car is a very healthy and fun thing to do. Although you aren't masturbating at home, you can still enjoy it thoroughly as long as your car is at a private place. Once you have tried it, don't be surprised that you will do it over and over.