How To Masturbate Longer

Wanting to know how to masturbate longer really isn't that difficult. Self-pleasurers just need to follow a few basic steps to prolong the experience. Since masturbation is normally a private moment, the person has the ability to experiment and find the exact step process that works best for the current need. Learning how to masturbate longer won't happen overnight but like the old adage, practice makes perfect and this is a prime example

To learn how to masturbate longer you will need:

  • Steady breathing
  • Hands
  • Control
  • Toys
  1. Breath slow- Don't rush the process when learning how to masturbate longer. Build up the orgasm and right before the release stop. As harsh as it sounds, this is the easiest way to learn how to masturbate longer. Taking the slow method not only extends the physical release but it also teaches the person control. This control is important for future relationships when having sex with a partner. Being able to control the release means both partners will have extended sexual pleasure. Make sure to breath steadily and take it slow. Believe it or not, breathing properly is a key factor when learning how to masturbate longer.
  2. Use hands– Finding what works for each person is going to be a trial and error situation. What works for one person may not work for another when learning how to masturbate longer. Once a technique is discovered, stick with it and perfect it.
  3. Have control- Make sure to take it slow. This action will help keep an early ejaculation or orgasm from happening. Know how much pressure to apply, how much friction is being used and when to slow down. Men need to learn to breath properly and ease up on the pressure being applied to the penis, while women should practice Kegel exercises to regain control so an early release can be stopped when self pleasuring.
  4. Think toy time–  Adding in toys when learning how to masturbate longer can be important. The toy has the tendency to enhance play and the user can stop the stimulation as needed. Sometimes having a partner watch the use of the toy in action can help when learning how to masturbate longer. The reason for this is because the stimulation of being watched turns both people on. Having complete control of the toy usage is crucial.
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