How To Masturbate With A Pillow

Masturbation is fun, healthy and virtually the safest sex you can have, especially if you learn how to masturbate with a pillow. Many people think that masturbation is a hands or sex toy experience only, but truth be told, you can masturbate using props you grab from your bedroom. A pillow is not only as enjoyable as a vibrator or Fleshlight, it's available in your bedroom for free.

Things you'll need:

  • Pillow(s)
  • Condom (optional)
  1. Get comfortable in bed before attempting to masturbate with a pillow. Lie back in your sheets, take some deep breaths and think sexy thoughts.
  2. Survey your pillows and think about which one will provide the best masturbation experience. Body pillows, with their long length, offer an opportunity to hump if you're looking for an athletic masturbation session. Smaller, flimsily constructed pillows are best if you want to wrap the pillow around your penis and move it up and down while thrusting.
  3. Get creative. Push two pillows together while lying on your back. Thrusting between the pillows can provide some interesting friction. Firmer pillows may even be a decent substitute for grabbing your partner's hips or butt while you're masturbating, making your fantasies seem more real.
  4. If you want to keep your linens clean, try using a condom when you masturbate with a pillow. You can also wrap the pillow in an old shirt or use an old pillowcase.
  5. Masturbate with a pillow by kneeling and placing your penis on top of two stacked pillows. Add a third pillow on top of your penis and press down, thrusting into the tight space you've created. As an added bonus, this will also work your abdominal muscles.