How To Masturbate Properly

Learning how to masturbate properly will give you a better quality of life. While there is no abnormal way to masturbate, there are ways to make it easier and more pleasurable. Knowing how to masturbate properly will keep you from injuring your penis from friction burns or even fracture.

To masturbate properly, you will need:

  • Lube or lotion
  1. Apply lube or lotion to your hand. There is no real requirement for either one. Avoid any personal lubricant that contains flavors or extra colors, as they aren't necessary. Use any lotion that you like. Moisture is ideal as it will make masturbating easier, more pleasurable and will help you avoid any friction burns.
  2. Put your penis in your hand. Rub the lotion on it and get it nice and lubed up. Get a firm but not painful grip on your penis and start stroking it using long strokes. Begin at the bottom of the shaft and go clear to the end, using a bit of a pulling motion.
  3. Start masturbating using shorter and faster strokes. This will get things moving along. Point your penis up towards the ceiling and stroke it. Add more lube or lotion if you need it.
  4. Once you feel like you about to orgasm, start pulling it faster and in shorter strokes. Pull the head a little bit, but not too hard. Keep going until you cum and then clean yourself up!


  • Use any visual aids that you need, such as porn movies.



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