How To Masturbate In Public

Want to learn how to masturbate in public? Obviously, you can't openly masturbate or expose your private business in public or you'll get arrested.  However, if you are bound and determined to find a way how to masturbate in public, read on for some tips of how you may be able to do this without being discovered.

  1. Try bathrooms. If you're out in public and feel the need for some sexual release, head to a restroom and get into a private stall.  This allows you the privacy you may need while also still being in a public place—if that's a turn on for you.
  2. Do it in the car. Find a dark parking spot away from others and go at it. If it's all right for couples to go parking, then try parking by yourself. Again, the authorities frown on this, so you'd need to be discreet.
  3. Get back to nature. Another place where you could conceivably masturbate in public would be a campground. Find a deserted place where you can have some privacy and some alone time. Another great option is to go camping—just pitch a tent and feel free to get some sexual release.  Even though you can't be seen in the tent, you're just a thin nylon wall away from the rest of the world. 

For some people, masturbating in public is a turn on.  These are some relatively safe ideas for how you can masturbate in semi-public areas. Remember, though, that this implies some risk, which may be why the idea is inspiring to some individuals.  If you get caught masturbating in public, you're going to have some legal troubles that will really detract from the fun.



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