How To Masturbate Without Toys

Need to know how to masturbate without toys? Many women are too embarrassed to purchase their own toys for masturbation or sometimes feel the need without a toy available to use. It is very simple to masturbate without toys by using your fingers to pleasure yourself. Remember that every woman enjoys different things, so some stuff mentioned here might not work for you. You will learn what your body likes with practice. The best place to masturbate is somewhere that you will have privacy. Try your bed or even the bathtub to make sure that you will be left alone.

  1. One way to start out is by playing with your nipples. This is a good start to masturbation because it will get your vagina wet before you insert anything into it. Rub your fingers over them gently and then start to squeeze on them. Slide your nipples between your fingers. Decide if you like them touched gently or pinched a little harder. Do what you enjoy the most to them to get yourself ready for vaginal stimulation. You can also keep one hand on your nipple as you masturbate if you really enjoy having them played with a lot.
  2. Another way to get yourself ready is to use your mind. Imagine that person you have been eyeing at the office or even a celebrity that you would enjoy having a good time with in the bedroom.
  3. When you start to feel yourself get wet, slide your fingers down to your clitoris. You can slide your fingers over it gently, and also around your vulva. Just do what feels good to you. Rub your finger over your clitoris in a circular motion. Do this fast or slow, whichever you enjoy feeling the most. You can do this for as long as you would like, and then move on to the next part of your body.
  4. Slowly start to slide one finger into your vagina. You should feel pretty wet when you finally start to masturbate, but if you don't you might want to use a little bit of lube at this stage. Push your finger deeper into your vagina and move it in and out. Keep doing this as it feels good and go faster if you want to at this point. Keep doing what feels good and gets you to the point of climax. You can insert more than one finger if you are really enjoying what you are doing and want to feel fuller. Just explore your body and you will quickly decide what makes you feel good. Do not be afraid to try new things. This is your body and you should enjoy it.