How To Masturbate Without A Vibtator

Do you need to know how to masturbate without a vibrator? There are times when you may not have the toys along to masturbate. So, learn how to masturbate without a vibrator being needed. Sure, it can be a lot more fun to use a vibrator, but one is not necessary for you to have an orgasm. You may even be able to experience a nice long orgasm if you do this correctly.

First off, you may need to use a few things, or you may not. It is all up to you, these are just tips.

  1. No vibrator? Make your own. That's right. How to masturbate without a vibrator could be as simple as getting another prop to use. Cucumbers or other veggies are a perfect fit in for something that is missing.
  2. Use the fingers. Simple and easy, use the fingers and focus on driving your clitoris mad! If you don't have lubricant to help with the friction, use spit. The fingers work out just as well as anything to help in masturbation. You may not be able to place a long vibrator into your vagina, but that doesn't mean you can't orgasm nicely.
  3. What about another person? Involving another person can fix the case of masturbation. Of course, then it's not really masturbation. But heck who cares, at least you'll be able to orgasm. 

Really, the best way to go about the problem of how to masturbate without a vibrator is to find a simple replacement to the problem. Again, there are many veggies that make a great prop and will work just as well. You may not have the powered vibration you would with your favorite toy, though.

Think about it; vibrators haven't been around forever, though dildos have been around since about 500 B.C. So, there have always been other ways to get around how to masturbate without a vibrator. So, if others have gotten around this, you can, too.

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