How To Masturbate A Woman

Knowing how to masturbate a woman is a very important skill to have if you want the relationship to last. Some women do not get an orgasm from simply having intercourse. Stimulating the clitoris is what will get her that orgasm. Masturbating a woman takes patience, skills and sensitivity. The clitoris is a sensitive part of the vagina. If masturbating is not done properly, it can become painful. Take the time to get to know how to masturbate your woman. Ask her for tips, if needed, to make sure she is feeling pleasure.

  1. Make sure you are both comfortable. If you or your partner are tense, then it will make for an awkward and uncomfortable situation. Listen to some soothing music or just lie down and say sweet things to one another. Hold hands and vibe with one another.
  2. Position your body side ways, chest to chest. Start with a bit of foreplay before you start working your way down to masturbating. Caress your woman's arms, and kiss her on her neck to get her hot and steamy.
  3. Put her leg over your leg. Your leg will be between her legs, propping her legs open. This will make it easier for you to access her vagina. Gently massage the top of the vagina in a circular motion. Pay attention to your woman's response to the masturbation. Make sure she is enjoying it; if she is gyrating to the motion of your massage, then she is enjoying it, and you're doing a great job.
  4. Insert a finger or two into the vagina. Make sure your woman is comfortable with this. Some women are just fine with the masturbating massage. Follow your woman's lead by listening to her response. If her body language is asking for more, then give her what she wants. Just be sure to to be gentle; you do not want to traumatize your woman by injuring her vagina.
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