How To Masturbate For Women

Most men quickly learn how to masturbate for women. It’s a major turn on for guys to have a hot woman watch them stroke it. Men may do this online or in person. Here you will learn how to achieve both of these goals.

To masturbate for women, you will need:

  • A computer
  • A web cam
  • A woman

One way to masturbate for women is to perform online.

  1. Set up your web cam. Test it out to see that it works. Once it is set up, you can start deciding where to masturbate for women online.
  2. Go into a public chat room. The most popular chat rooms are on AOL and Yahoo. Try websites that integrate chatting with video. They are often free to use and have no need to register.
  3. Start talking to women. If you see one that you like, start chatting with her. Talk to various women before you decide to masturbate for them.
  4. Ask her sexual questions. Start slow to see if she’s seeking some fun or conversation in the chat room. Don’t overdo it with the questions; you don’t want to scare her off.
  5. Turn on your web cam. If she wants to have fun, she’ll let you know. Ask her politely if it’s okay for her to look at you while you masturbate. If she says no, move on. Don’t force her into it.

You can also masturbate for a woman in person.

  1. Ask your girlfriend, if you have one. Tell her how much of a turn on it is for you to have her watch you masturbate. She’ll like that you’re asking her to watch instead of a stranger. Plus, you may get a show of your own!
  2. Ask a friend (or two), if you’re single. Do you have a hot friend that you flirt with or are openly sexual with? Maybe you have someone who’s a “friend with benefits.” Ask her if she wouldn’t mind watching while you masturbate. Hint that you want her to bring a friend along. This will give you a big chance to masturbate for women!
  3. Go on the internet. Find random women if you can’t score with a friend or girlfriend. Many people search online to hook up with other people. When you post, explain what you want to happen. This is a great way to get the chance to masturbate for women in person.
  4. Find a girl at a bar. Go to your local bar or night club. Get to know any potential girls and see if they’re willing to hook up. Tell them what you have in mind for the evening. Getting to masturbate for someone is safer than having sex with them. 

Tip: Fool around with a friend online if you’re not comfortable with finding random women. Masturbating for women is fine as long as both parties have consented.

Warning: Never give out your full name, phone number or address when talking to strangers on the internet. Make sure the woman is of legal age. Never masturbate in public places.

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