How To Masturbate Your Girl

Want to know how to masturbate your girl? Both guys and girls love intercourse, and it can be very satisfying. If you want your girl to think you are the best lover ever, masturbate her with your hands either alone or before intercourse. 

  1. Use her mind. Men and women are stimulated differently. Men are mostly aroused by sight. The biggest sex organ in a woman is her mind. Set the scene for a perfect session of masturbation: tell her what you want to do to her, tell her you want her, and tell her you've got all night.
  2. Use your time. Time is the biggest factor in masturbating your girl. Reassure her you'll take all the time she needs, and she'll relax. 
  3. Use your hands. Start slowly.  Never rush for her clitoris, vagina, or breasts. Touch her lightly, brushing your fingertips all over her body. Make light circles on her belly. Brush both hands along the sensitive skin on her neck, shoulders, and lower back. 
  4. Use your mouth. Kiss her on the back of her neck, on her collarbone, and in the hollow of her hips. Lick her at the crease of her thigh. Kiss her mouth lightly, deeply, and everything in-between.
  5. Use your fingers. Finally, when she's squirming and moaning and begging, slide a finger inside her. Start out between her legs while she is lying on her back. Twist as you thrust. Graze her clitoris with the pad of your thumb as you twist. Add another finger when she's ready. Press firmly against the soft flesh inside her vagina under her belly. Quirk your fingers back toward yourself in a "come-hither" motion. Spread your fingers in a "vee" shape and stroke along either side of the soft, spongy flesh under her belly. Twist your fingers until they are facing down, then twist back again. Move your fingers in a twisting in-and-out motion, following her cues, for as long as she likes.
  6. Use your voice. While your fingers are inside her, use your voice to let her know how much you like doing this. Whisper dirty things to her. Tell her what you'll do once she's had an orgasm. Tell her you love how she feels. It takes some courage to talk dirty to your girl, but it is something that can help relax and arouse her even more. Don't contrive your words; let them flow naturally, and she'll love hearing what you have to say. 
  7. Use your mercy. Masturbate her until she has at least one orgasm. If either of you is inexperienced, this may take time. When she's so spent from loving that she can hardly move, have mercy on her and let her rest. Then, switch and teach her how to masturbate you!
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