How To Match Clothes For Men

You grew out of all your Garanimals clothing at least twenty years ago, but you still haven’t figured out how to match clothes for men. Don’t despair. There are some simple tips to help you get past blinding print and color clashes and into some respectable fashion. Matching clothes may not be easy for some men, but pay attention to a few tips, you can learn how.

  1. Match your shoes and belt. Wear black shoes and a black belt or brown shoes and a brown belt. But never wear black shoes with a brown belt, or you’ll commit one of the biggest fashion mismatching faux pas known to man.
  2. Wear a solid shirt with a print tie or a print shirt and solid tie. Sometimes you can mix and match prints, but if you’re reading this article because you’re a man who has trouble figuring out how to match clothes, you don’t need to go there. Play it safe with only one print.
  3. Your socks should match your pants. This prevents calling attention to your ankles when you sit, and your sock peeks out from between the hem of your pants and your shoe. And gone are the days when a man’s freaky loud, hot pink shirt calls for blindingly matching socks.
  4. Match clothes styles with shoes. When you wear khakis, you may wear casual shoes, boat shoes, sneakers, penny loafers or dress shoes. Dress pants and suits do not speak adult man when you wear them with sneakers. However, a dressier look can show your sense of style with dress shoes or loafers. When you’re decked out in a tux, opt to match clothes with evening shoes, plain-toe dress shoes or monotone, sleek boots.
  5. Neutrals match almost everything in a man’s wardrobe. Certain colors are considered neutral, including black, brown, navy, gray and khaki. You may mix neutrals with any color you want, including other neutrals. this is an easy way to match clothes.

Follow these tips and wear your clothes with confidence. However, if your lady hints that you’re a man who doesn’t know how to match clothes, ask what doesn’t work, and don’t do it again.

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