How To Match Plaid

As a man, dressing nicely is of the utmost importance, and knowing how to match plaid will definitely set you apart from the rest. The value and importance of a man is judged largely by the first impression that he leaves on a room. This is dependent largely upon his style, swagger, and the overall fashion sense that he displays. Making the wrong style choices can ruin both the professional and social life of an otherwise intelligent and powerful guy. This is exactly why knowing how to match plaid with other patterns, colors, and designs in clothing is important.

Here are some useful tips on exactly how to match up your plaids.

  1. Do Not Be Afraid To Incorporate Color. Many men share a deep-rooted, antiquated, and unwarranted fear of adding color to their wardrobe, especially when matching plaid. Don't be caught sticking to rules that governed our great-grandfathers' fashions a hundred years ago, well unless of course you want to feel like you're 100 years old and attract women who were born in the early 1900's. If that's the case, then go right ahead. Continue to stick to bland, boring hues like brown, navy blue, and black in your clothing. Miss out on all the lovely yellows, pinks, oranges, and lime greens that women crave to see on manly men in plaid, matched up, ever-so-nicely. It's your call. For the unfaint-at-heart, give it a try and match up a lime green polo or oxford shirt with your lime, navy, and yellow plaid pants. Watch the ladies come running.
  2. Try Matching Other Patterns With Plaid. Mix other patterns in with plaid for added interest and excitement. For example, match plaid up with paisley. It's not a "No-no." Don't believe the old-fashioned myth that you can't mix and match plaid with other patterns. It's just not true and as outdated as the rain. When you mix patterns like matching plaid with paisley, make sure that the colors are a good blend and look nicely together. If your paisley print tie is red, blue, and purple, then choose a sport coat with a plaid pattern that uses similar colors like red, white, and blue. You might even match up your red, white, and blue plaid jacket with a red, blue, and yellow paisley. Also match plaid with stripes. Wearing a striped shirt with plaid pants or a plaid blazer is a smart and lovely choice. When doing this, choose a subtle color for your stripes that matches the plaid. This will make the beautiful plaid pattern stand out even more. This will look nicely as well.
  3. Checkered Patterns. For a hot look, top off your look by adding a checkered sweater atop a plaid shirt. This is definitely a great look for any man on the move. Incorporating a checkered pattern bumps up a man's fashions to vintage-hip. Stepping out styled in this way lets the world know, in one glance, that you know what you're doing, are self-assured, are a trail-blazer, and an independent thinker. Try matching a simple, black and white checkered sweater on top of any combination of plaid shirt. There's just no losing with this.

Enjoy trying out your new fashion sense by using these tips. Come back after trying out these tips and leave a comment. Tell us how it went when for you.

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