How To Match A Pocket Square

Know how to match a pocket square to your tie or suit to look polished and professional. A pocket square is the final accessory for men's and women's suits. It says, "Look at me. I'm fine!" It's not always each to match the tie and pocket square exactly and it's not always desirable to do so. But to be fashionable, it's necessary to wear the right pocket square.

To match a pocket square, you will need:

  • ties
  • suit
  • shirt
  1. Wear the suit and tie. First things first. To find the perfect pocket square, wear the suit and tie and do a little shopping. Don't worry, you won't look out of place in a suit and tie in a nice men's department of a high end store.
  2. Take along any additional ties. You probably wear more than one tie with a suit. Take all of the ties you use with the suit you wear to shop for a matching pocket square to those ties as well. 
  3. Look at all of the pocket squares. Ask for help from a salesperson if you have to, but look at the complete selection of pocket squares for sale at each store.
  4. Match a pocket square to the tie. Chances are you won't find a matching tie and pocket square fabric. That's all right. It's very fashionable to use the same color as the tie for the pocket square even if the two are different designs, as long as they complement each other. For example, a dotted tie and a paisley pocket square in the same royal blue color will look striking when worn together.
  5. Match a pocket square to the shirt. Take the cue from the shirt to match the pocket square. Again, if it looks good as a complete package, wear it. Matching a faint design in the shirt, such as a stripe, is a good place to look for the color of the pocket square. Take in the entire look to match a pocket square you are happy with.
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