How To Match Shoes

Knowing how to match shoes to an outfit properly polishes every look and style. However, for the fashion-challenged choosing the right shoes can be difficult. You don't need the advice of a professional stylist to put an outfit together, but there are a few rules you should consider.

  1. The shoes should match the style of the outfit. After dressing, it is easy to put on any pair of shoes that may be laying around. Don't fall into this routine. You should choose shoes according to the clothes you are wearing. Casual outfits such as jeans and a T-shirt can be worn with sneakers and flip-flops; formal outfits such as slacks and a button-up shirt should be worn with dress shoes. The styles shouldn't overlap.
  2. The color of the shoes are also important. Shoes should compliment an outfit, they shouldn't stand out. Black and brown shoes are neutral, so they can be worn with pretty much anything. To wear shoes with a bolder color, make sure they match a color on a piece of clothing. For example, if there are blue accents in your shirt, you can wear a blue shoe. Caution: Shoe colors should be relatively subdued. Even if they match the colors of the outfit, they can overpower the whole look.
  3. Don't forget the socks. Most shoes, with the exception of flip-flops, should be worn with socks and the socks should also match the outfit. White socks should only be worn with athletic shoes, never casual or dress shoes. Blue, black, and brown dress socks are your best options.
  4. Keep your shoes in decent condition. Regardless of the type of shoe, they should always be clean and fully intact. If they are torn and mangled, you should consider replacing them.
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