How To Match Skinny Jeans In Fall

The question of how to match skinny jeans in fall can basically be answered one of two ways. You can wear skinny jeans with anything or you can put together outfits; the difference has to do with whether you regard skinny jeans as a fad or as just another style of blue jeans. Here are some ways to wear skinny jeans.

  1. Wear With Boots. Skinny jeans look fantastic with brown or black leather boots. If the boots are wide on top, tuck the jeans in.
  2. Oversized Shirts. Balance the look of skinny jeans by pairing them with a large, untucked shirt. Wearing a loose fitting shirt with your tight jeans will even out proportions, and will help avoid the appearance of trying too hard to show off your physique.
  3. Try Plaid. Plaid button down shirts are a great look for fall, especially when paired with skinny jeans. Tip: keep the look modern by trying a new color set for your plaid, like electric blue and black. The best part about wearing plaid flannel shirts in fall is that no jacket is required.
  4. Band T-Shirts. Matched with skinny jeans in the fall, band t-shirts add a laid back energy to any outfit. Tip: you can find lots of great vintage band T’s at used clothing stores.
  5. Knit Caps. Ah, autumn. Changing leaves, bonfires, and the return of the knit cap. Most people look good in simple knit caps, and they are very stylish matched with skinny jeans. Just remember to keep your colors to two in any outfit. 


Skinny Jeans

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