How To Match A Tie And Shirt

It is time to learn how to match a tie and shirt. Don't get stuck in a black and white existence. While a crisp white button down shirt does look nice with a solid black silk tie, there are many other options. Expand your horizons without looking ridiculous by following these tips to match a tie and shirt.

  1. Show off wild patterned ties on a blank canvas. For these special neck wear, go ahead and wear a white, black or other solid shirt in a neutral color.
  2. Coordinate two colors that look nice together when you match a tie and shirt. Solid shirts in French blue, light yellow, and tan can be paired with solid ties. The French blue shirt looks nice with a red, burgundy or yellow tie. A light blue shirt can be worn with the same, or try a navy blue tie. The tan shirt looks perfectly put together when paired with a dark brown tie. 
  3. Match a patterned tie and shirt that is striped. Adding a dotted, checked or even paisley tie can work with stripes. Don't be afraid of mixing patterns. The key is to look at the shirt critically and pick out the color that stands out. Then follow the above color scheme to find the coordinating color. Generally opposites attract, although a deeper shade of the same color also works well.
  4. Remember to pick a striped tie in a much wider stripe than your shirt, or a much thinner stripe when you match a tie and shirt. Having a striped tie on top of a striped shirt can give the unfortunate effect of a brain teaser game.
  5. Apply this rule to match a tie and shirt that is checkered. A checkered tie can be worn over a checkered shirt only if the boxes are of a noticeably different size.
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