How To Mate Dogs

Although learning how to mate dogs may not be as difficult as you think, executing all the steps can be quite challenging as breeding your dogs will require constant care, including trips to the vet. Do not attempt to mate dogs if you are not sure how you can accommodate all the litters. Do understand that there are puppy mills that breed pet puppies insistently, which leads to a huge influx of unwanted dogs in animal shelters across the nation. 

To mate dogs, you will need: 

  • A bitch (female dog)
  • A stud (male dog)
  • A reliable vet
  • A comfortable and spacious environment
  1. Choosing the bitch and the stud. The first step to breeding dogs successfully is to have a mating pair with good genetic backgrounds, desirable physical appearance, and a friendly temperament. This step is extremely important if you want to mate dogs, as you do not want to breed puppies with genetic diseases or an aggressive tendency. If you are unsure how you can pick the mating pair, ask an experienced breeder for help.  
  2. Veterinary check-up. After you picked the mating pair, you should them to a vet for a health check-up. Before you mate dogs, you need to make sure that both dogs are free of parasites and other health issues. 
  3. Initial introduction. Before you mate dogs, introduce the bitch and the stud to each other to see how they get along with each other. Allow them to interact with each other for a few days to ensure that they are compatible enough for mating.  
  4. Coming into Heat. Female dogs begin "coming into heat" when they are six to nine-month old; however, do not use her for breeding until she is at least one and a half years old. Observe your bitch to see if there is any blood coming out from her vulva. This is a sign that she is ready for mating. Usually, a bitch will come into heat twice a year. 
  5. Intercourse. After the bitch has come into heat for two to three days, reintroduce the stud to her, and allow the, to stay together for two days or longer. Remember to supervise them and remove the stud immediately if the bitch begins to refuse mating. It is normal for the two dogs to lock together for half an hour after intercourse. This is a natural mechanism to increase the chance of successful mating.
  6. Keeping the bitch healthy. Keep the bitch healthy by giving her a balanced diet, plenty of exercise, and by taking her to the vet for another check-up. The gestation period for dogs are 63 days. 
  7. Preparing for delivery. One important procedure to mate dogs successfully is to prepare for the delivery to ensure that the puppies can be born in a safe and clean environment. If the nipples of the bitch begin to turn pink and become enlarged, you should start preparing a delivery box which will allow the bitch to lie down comfortably. Put clean towels in the box, and pine shavings for bedding. Also, put layers of newspapers at the bottom of the box. 
  8. Observing the delivery. Closely monitor the delivery process as your bitch for still births or other problems. Take your dog to an emergency vet service if necessary. 
  9. Caring for the pups. You cannot successfully mate dogs if you do not take care of the puppies properly. Keep them warm and check them for birth defects. Make sure that the puppies are nursed. Clean the delivery box frequently.  


  • If you do not own a stud, you can use one of the dog breeding service and rent one for a few days. 
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