How To Maximize The 69 Position

Everyone knows that 69 is the most sexual number but few people know how to maximize the 69 position in real life. As erotic as you and your partner going down on each other sounds, the logistics of body placement can make it a tricky position to try out and enjoy. Luckily, we humans have been utilizing the 69 position for as long as we’ve been around and we’ve found the most effective ways to provide mutual pleasure. Follow these steps with your partner for maximum intimacy and pleasure when exploring the 69 position.

  1. Start on Your Side. While most people visualize the 69 position with one person on top and the other on the bottom, the simplest and often most pleasurable version is to have both you and your partner on your side. This way, neither of your have to support your weight and you both have equal physical control of the situation. Starting out on your side also gives you and your partner the chance to explore each others bodies upside down without the physical strain and awkwardness of one of you holding yourself above the other.
  2. Let Her Get on Top. Because male genitalia is more invasive than that of females, it’s usually a good idea when first exploring the 69 position to let your lady be on top. This way she can control how much of you she takes into her mouth and you won’t accidentally suffocate her. When she’s on her knees above you, wrap your arms around her waist for better support.
  3. Your Turn. When it’s your turn to get on top, let your partner guide you into her mouth. You have much more power when you’re on top and it can easily get uncomfortable for your lady. Stay communicative, especially your first time trying it out, and let her guide you in ways that are comfortable for her. On your end, take advantage of the upside down situation to explore parts of her you can’t usually reach.
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