How To Measure A Baseball Glove

Need to know how to measure a baseball glove? One of the keys to doing well in baseball is having the right baseball glove size. You can easily find your baseball glove size with a few measurements. Before purchasing a glove you should try and make sure that the glove fits. Aside from it feeling like it fits make sure that the glove is the right size for you. Measuring baseball gloves is one of those things that can be easily done by anyone. Here are a few steps that you should follow to properly measure a baseball glove.

  1. Measuring tape. Use measuring tapes that are flexible when you begin to measure a baseball glove. This will help to ensure that you get the right measurements. 
  2. Begin measuring. You can begin measuring the baseball glove by starting at the beginning of the index finger, and going all the way to the heel of the baseball glove. Be sure to do this along the palm of the baseball glove. It is also important that while you are measuring you keep the tape flat, this prevents the measurements from being incorrect and inconsistent. 
Youth gloves are usually smaller than the adult size gloves. Youth gloves are usually around nine inches while adult gloves can range in size from twelve to thirteen inches. Each person’s size differs, so it's important to measure baseball gloves so that you are able to purchase the correct size. Now you can get out, and start measuring baseball gloves the right way.
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