How To Measure For Big Screen TV

Need to know how to measure for a big screen TV? You don't want to purchase your first big screen TV, only to get home and find out that it's too big for your living room. Measuring for a big screen TV first, will prevent you from being disappointed and possibly wasting your money. These are a few things you can do to measure properly for a big screen TV.

  1. Look at the placement of your furniture. If necessary rearrange your furniture to allow enough space for your big screen TV. You want to make sure that the placement of your furniture is adequate enough to fit a big screen TV. You don't want your big screen to be squeezed into a space that is too small and possibly end up damaged.
  2. Measure the space that you have. Once you determine the correct placement of your furniture, get a measuring tape to measure the space available. Measure and write down the depth, height, and width of the space. Make sure to leave several inches of space between walls, windows, and furniture.
  3. Have proper visualization for the big screen TV space. Your big screen TV needs to be easy on the eyes. Sitting too close to a large big screen TV can affect your vision. It can cause eye strain, dizziness, and fatigue. You can measure your visual distance at home from your TV space to your seating area, and then go to the store and correspond that distance from a big screen TV to where you are standing. This will give you a good idea of to see if there will be enough space between your seating and your TV to have comfortable vision.
  4. Make sure the dimensions of the new TV will fit in the space you have made.  When you go to the store to purchase your big screen TV, compare your measurements of the space at home with the measurements of the big screen TV in the store. Measure the actually display in the store to help select an accurate size big screen TV to fit into you space you have set aside. Don't be afraid to ask for help with from an associate.  



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