How To Measure Boobs

If you want to buy a sexy outfit for your wife or girlfriend, it's important to know how to measure boobs. Seven out of ten women wear the wrong bra size, so it's important to measure boobs to get a sexy and comfortable fit. Follow this guide to learn how to help your woman get a great-fitting bra.

To measure boobs, you will need:

  • A flexible cloth measuring tape. You don't want the kind in the bulky yellow box; it should easily wrap around your girlfriend's curves.
  1. Measure around your girlfriend's ribcage, just under the breast. Make sure the end of the measuring tape just meets the beginning when you wrap it around her body. Add five to this measurement to get the number part of the bra size you need for your girlfriend's boobs (the 36 in 36D, for example). This is called the band size. If you get an odd number, round up so that you get an even number.
  2. Next, measure around the fullest part of the boobs. Make sure her arms are straight down at her sides when you take this measurement. Subtract this measurement from the band size to get your cup size. If you subtract and get one, that's an A cup, two means a B cup, three is a C, and so on.
  3. Put the number and the letter together to get your woman's boob size. Then, go to the store and have her try on some bras in that size to see how they fit. If breasts fall out below the bra when she raises her arms, or if the band is higher in the back than in the front, have her try one band size smaller. If the middle part of the bra between the breasts does not lay flat, or if the breasts overflow over the top of the cup creating that double-boob look, have her go up a cup size.  
  4. For best results, measure your girlfriend's boobs every six months. Women's breasts frequently change size and shape, so it's important to measure often to ensure the correct fit.
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