How To Measure For Cross Country Ski Poles?

Learning how to measure for cross-country ski poles is a simple operation. Having properly-sized cross-country ski poles is very important in limiting arm fatigue and lowering the possibility of injury based on repetitive motion. Measuring for the proper size of ski pole can be done at your local ski shop, sporting goods store or rental place (or even at the slopes if they offer rentals). Ski poles come in various styles and thicknesses. They also have give and stiffness to match the type of skiing you are doing. The basket (the part at the bottom of the pole) also comes in different sizes based on the type of skiing you will be doing. With this in mind, it is important to understand the type and style of cross-country skiing you will be doing when learning how to measure cross-country ski poles.

To measure cross-country ski poles, you will need:

  • Ski boots
  • A ski shop or sporting goods store
  • A selection of cross-country ski poles
  1. Go to your local or favorite ski or sporting goods store. Decide if you will be racing cross-country or leisure. Racing cross-country requires a stiffer pole. Leisure poles have more give.
  2. Pick out a cross-country ski pole. Put on your ski boots and then take the cross-country ski pole and place it next to you.
  3. The cross-country ski pole should reach just under your armpit. Be sure to choose from various styles and manufacturers. Find the styles you like and measure them as you did the first. Take note of the manufacturer and size. With this information and the notes you took, you can better approach purchasing cross-country ski poles online.



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