How To Measure Door Gaskets

You need to know how to measure door gaskets properly when replacing or installing new ones to ensure a tight fit. Door gaskets block air flow to keep warm air and cool air in or out depending on the season, thus lowering heating and cooling costs. Door gaskets also prevent bugs, small rodents, dirt and debris from making their way in.

Supplies needed to measure door gaskets:

  • Measuring Tape
  1. Measure the door height, multiply times two and add 2 inches. The door height is multiplied by two because there are two sides to the door and the gasket will be on both sides. Adding 2 inches provides a 1 inch overage or extra door gasket for each side.
  2. Measure the door width, multiply by two and add 2 inches to the measurement. Multiply the door width by two in order to make sure there is enough door gasket material to cover both the top and bottom of the door. Add 2 inches to allow for extra and overage because a gasket can always be cut to a shorter correct length.
  3. Choose the proper gasket for the project at a hardware store, home improvement store, appliance store or online depending on the job.

Many different types of items require door gaskets including garage doors, appliance doors, car doors or entry doors in a home, always choose the proper gasket for type of door. If the proper door gasket is not used, leaks, drafts and entry of insects and rodents is a real possibility. Measure door gaskets accurately to guarantee a secure and proper fit.



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