How To Measure Eyeglasses

In today's society, eyeglasses can now be ordered over the Internet, but first you will need to know how to measure eyeglasses properly. You do however need a prescription from the eye doctor to pick out new frames online, which can eliminate the fitting process. In order to ensure that your glasses will fit properly, you have to know how to measure eyeglasses accurately.

To measure eyeglasses you will need:

  • an old pair of eyeglasses
  • ruler with millimeters
  1. Measure the bridge size, which is the measurement across the nose. When you measure eyeglasses the bridge width is the horizontal distance between the nasal surfaces of the rim and the frame. The bridge is one of the most important measurements because it is the fit of the frame over your nose. You need your eyeglasses frames to sit comfortably on your nose to keep your eyeglasses from being irritating and annoying.
  2. Measure the lens width. The lens is the vertical measurement of the outer edges of one side of the lens to the outer edge of the other side of the lens. Measure both lenses to get the most accurate measurement.  Make sure you measure eyeglasses lens properly because it is what will determine the fit of the frame on the glasses on your face. You don't want the eyeglasses frames to be too small or too big, but you want the frame to fit just right on your face.
  3. Measure the lens height. The lens height is the horizontal measurement from the highest point on the top of the lens to the lowest point of the bottom of the lens. The lens height is not required when ordering your eyeglasses online. The lens height will give you a general idea of the fit of the lens over your eye. When you measure eyeglasses lens height it will help you to see how narrow or tall your lens height is, and can help you find adequate frames that suite you when you order online.
  4. Measure the arm length. The arm length is the distance from the temple to the end of the arm on the frame. The arm length is the overall length of the side. It is measured from the dowel point (the bend where the arm attaches to the frame) to the length of the drop (the curve behind the ear).  When you measure eyeglasses the arm length is important because it determines the comfort level of the fit over your ears.

Note: when using the millimeter ruler, make sure that you measure precisely, because the slightest off measurement can cause your eyeglasses not to fit properly. Always double check and triple check your measurements to ensure the proper fit when you order you eyeglasses.

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