How To Measure Goalie Gloves For Soccer

Learning how to measure goalie gloves for soccer is vital for providing properly fitting gear for a goalkeeper. Goalie gloves are an important piece of the goalkeeper’s equipment, as important as a solid pair of cleats in fact. A proper fit for the goalie's gloves plays into his confidence level and affects the lifespan of the goalie gloves. Goalie gloves that are measured and fit correctly instill confidence through a snug fit and allow for better handling of the soccer ball. The lack of movement or slippage in the glove gives the goalie added comfort.

  1. Decide on a price range. This is best to do before you start trying on goalie gloves for soccer.
  2. Pick a style or styles you like. Consider the design, padding and material. When playing goalie in soccer, it is important to express your individuality.
  3. Gauge your size. Goalie gloves are measured like cleats in that there are numerous sizes. Having a proper fit will help you out on the soccer field. Goalie gloves should fit snugly around the hand.
  4. The wrists should have an adjustable strap that can be tightened as necessary. Because of this, you want some leeway around your wrist.
  5. Another important point is where your fingers are in relation to the tips of the glove. Like cleats, a little wiggle room is nice, but too much is problematic. Make sure there is no more than one-half inch of space between your fingertips and the ends of the glove.
  6. Once you have found your fit, you are ready to choose your gloves. Keep in mind that if your glove size is ten, for example, you may not be a ten with every manufacturer, so be sure to try new pairs of gloves on. When playing soccer, your gloves may wear out quickly, so buying a new pair is not an impossibility.
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