How To Measure Golf Clubs

Are you ready to choose a new set of golf clubs and want to know how to measure golf clubs? You may want to measure your current golf clubs to help assist with purchasing new ones, or you may want to know that you have the proper size golf clubs so that you can maximize your swing. Golf clubs are made in hundreds of different types of styles and models. In order to golf effectively, it is good to have a golf club that is the right length for you. Knowing how to measure golf clubs will help you to figure out what golf club will work best for you so that you can become successful at golfing.

To measure a golf club, you will need:

  • Measuring tape or a ruler
  • Another person to help you with measuring
  • A golf club measuring guide
  1. Position the golf club correctly. Make sure that you have a flat surface and place the golf club on the floor. The lines in the club should be facing up and be parallel to the surface that it is sitting on.
  2. Measure the length of the golf club. Use your measuring tape to measure from the bottom, or heel, of the golf club to where the grip begins on the handle. When you do these measurements, make sure that the golf club is standing straight up and is not leaning forward or backward at all. To get the appropriate length of the club, read the length one-eighth of an inch below the golf club grip.
  3. Measure the distance from your wrist to the floor. Put your arms hanging loose by your side. Have someone measure from your wrist to the ground with a measuring tape. Make sure that the measurement is going straight down and not at any type of angle.
  4. Check your measurements using a golf club measuring guide. An average size person will usually use a standard size golf club. Follow the correct row on the measurement chart based on your measurements. If you are shorter or taller than the standard length, you may need to have your golf club customized.


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