How To Measure Hips

Want to learn how to measure hips? If you're working out or dieting to get in better shape or to lose weight, taking body measurements can be a vital part of tracking your process. Knowing how to measure hips, and other body parts, allows you to be able to record your current and future body size. Read on to learn how to measure hips.

What you need to find out how to measure hips:

  • tape measure
  • pen or pencil
  • lined paper
  1. Remove clothing. You should measure your hips when you are either nude or only wearing undergarments. If you measure your hips with clothing on, you will not get a proper measurement.
  2. Stand in front of a mirror. Using a mirror will allow you to meaure your hips properly.
  3. Put tape measure around you. Using the mirror, locate the widest part of your hips and put the tape measure around the widest part of your hips.
  4. Make sure tape measure is straight. Again, using the mirror make sure that the tape measure is going in a straight line around the circumference of your body. If the tape measure is not straight, you will not get an accurate measurement of your hips.
  5. Read the tape measure. Where the end of the tape measure meets the end that has been wrapped around your body, read the measurement in inches.
  6. Record the data. Using pen or pencil and paper, make a note of the date and your hip measurement in inches so you can refer to it at a later time.

That's all you have to do to measure hips. If you're measuring your body to keep track of your measurements, you'll likely want to repeat this process every two weeks or monthly. Using these tips, you can measure other parts of your body as well. The mirror helps to make sure that your tape measure is straight while taking measurements.

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