How to Measure Hockey Glove Size

Learning how to measure hockey glove sizes is more important than you might realize. Properly fitted hockey gloves are a key component to overall safety and the ability to properly hold and control a hockey stick. They appear large, but in reality, they are only large due to the amount of padding. The overall hand measure of a hockey glove in no different from any other type glove. For hockey, there are two basic types of gloves or mitts. The goalie mitt and the glove or mitt for the offensive and defensive player.

How to measure hockey glove sizes:

  1. Select from a few styles and manufactures. Ask a sales associate if you need help making your selection.
  2. Place your hand into the glove. The first measuring key point is the position of the index finger.
  3. Your index finger should be at the very edge of the glove. In fact, you should be able to notice your finger as it presses against the end of the glove, which is called the gusset. The reason this is important is because, this will allow you to control and grip the hockey stick. If the finger does not reach this point, it will be harder to grip the hockey stick. Further, as the hockey glove begins to wear it will stretch, making it harder to manage the hockey stick
  4. Wiggle your hand to make sure the fit is somewhat firm but still loose. Also, you should be able to easily wiggle your fingers and move them independently.

There you have it, simple but very important. A hockey glove is probably the easiest of all the hockey gear to fit.

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