How To Measure A Kayaks Cockpit Size

Knowing how to measure your kayak's cockpit size is important. You need to know how to measure your kayak's cockpit size in order to properly fit spray skirts and covers for your kayak. Making sure that you get a good fit for kayaking accessories is imperative if you want them to keep water out of your boat and protect your kayak. Learn about how to measure a kayak's cockpit size: 

In order to learn about how to measure a kayaks cockpit size you will need:

  • Your kayak
  • Measuring tape
  1. Find the cockpit. If you own a kayak, hopefully you already know where the cockpit is. The cockpit is the part of the kayak that you sit in. When you go to measure the cockpit, you will want to measure the opening of the cockpit, not the seat.
  2. Measure around the rim of the cockpit. Kayakers often measure their cockpit size in order to properly fit accessories like spray skirts and cockpit covers. Spray skirts are designed of fit your cockpit like a glove in order to keep water out of your kayak. In this way, it is important that you measure the outside rim of your kayak's cockpit since this is where your spray skirt or cover will be going.
  3. Measure the length and width of the cockpit. Different manufactures have different definitions of what constitutes a small or large kayak. Generally speaking you have a small kayak cockpit if the cockpit measures approximately 30 x 18 inches (or slightly under). You have a medium kayak cockpit if the cockpit measures approximately  34 x 19 inches. You have a large kayak if your cockpit measures approximately 38 x 21 inches (or larger).



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