How To Measure For MMA Gloves

Are you looking to buy a new pair of MMA gloves, but don't know how to measure for what size of you need?  This is a common problem that athletes will find when trying to purchase a new pair of mixed martial arts gloves.  In order to find what size of MMA gloves will best fit your hand you need a cloth measuring tape.  This is the same type of measuring tape that people use to measure garment sizes.  You can find a cloth measuring tape at your local retail store in the craft section. 

  1. The first thing you need to do to measure for MMA gloves is take the cloth measuring tape and measure around the circumference of your knuckles.  Then you will need to look at a glove size chart. Small gloves are 7" to 7.5, " medium are 7.5" to 8," large are 8" to 8.5," and extra large are 8.5" and up.
  2. If you plan on wearing your MMA gloves without wrapping your hands first then this is the method you will use.  If you are going to wear hand wraps or gauze underneath your gloves, then you will need to wrap your hands first and then have someone measure the circumference of your knuckles.  Take this new number and look back at the sizing chart. 

Most fighters will have multiple sets of MMA gloves.  Depending on the glove you are buying the size chart might be a little different.  When you are purchasing your mixed martial arts gloves make sure to look at the accompanying size chart displayed on the martial arts equipment website.   

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