How To Measure Motorcycle Clutch Cables

Need to know how to measure motorcycle clutch cables? A lot of people want to gain some knowledge of the clutch cables on their motorcycles. Some want to know about them to make sure they know what the repair guy is doing, and others simply want to know for the sake of gaining more motorcycle-related knowledge. For instance, someone may want to know the length of the cables as well as the brake lines required for his bike in case he wanted to add something more to his bike.

To measure clutch cables on a motorcycle, you will need:

  • A thin-gauge wire
  • Measuring tape
  1. Unfortunately, there is no magical or even scientific formula to get down to the most appropriate cable or brake line length. If you consider every combination of risers and bars on each motorcycle, it is not possible to find the ideal combination for each one. That is why it is better for the bars to be mounted first, and then opt for the correct brake and clutch cables.
  2. A great method of measuring the cables is by using a wire of thin gauge. After the bars have been installed properly, you can proceed with the measurement.
  3. Place the cable in a way that is convenient to you. For instance, in case of throttle cable, you can choose to begin at the carburetor or the throttle itself and continue till the housing of the throttle over the bars.
  4. The bars should be turned properly and entirely to the left. Then they need to be pulled to the right to be sure that you have adequate length of the cable to cover the complete turning radius.
  5. Now you are ready to take the measure of the cable length. You can measure the length of the brake line as well as the clutch cable in a similar manner.
  6. Once these measurements have been determined, deduct the length required for your clutch and brake cables. This will give you an idea of how much more cable you will require for when you place your order. For instance, you will get a figure of +8 or +10 over stock. The cable need not be included while measuring your motorcycle's clutch cables and brake lines, only the length of the casing.
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